Hajj Fund Deposits

4. Hajj Fund Deposit Account

Hajj Fund Deposits

 for safe savings without service charge And can use the service of  money transfer, deposit-withdrawal  from different branches of the cooperative, every business day.


  • To encourage members to collect money to travel to perform the Hajj in interest free system
  • to facilitate those who perform Hajj
  • To encourage members to complete the practice of Islamic principles.

Depositor’s properties

  • Intent Member Going to perform Hajj accepted in principle and Fund Objectives

account opening

  1. A member of the Islamic Cooperative Ibn Affan Ltd.
  2. Open an account with a minimum of 100 baht

deposit method

  1. Deposits are based on mudarabah deposit principles.
  2. Mudarabah deposits of Hajj Funds are selected for stable, high-quality, and cost-effective corporate investments. (Insha Allah)
  3. The depositor must accumulate monthly deposits of at least 100 baht per month until the total amount is required to perform Hajj.
  4. If the depositor has missed payment for 6 consecutive months without notifying the cause, the cooperative may close the account immediately.
  5. Depositors can withdraw their deposits. to perform Hajj at any time or go on Hajj with the Hajj Ibn Affan package when accumulated as specified by the cooperative

Required documents for opening an account

  •  ID card copy
  • Copy of house registration

deposit method