Member share deposit

1. Member share deposit account

Member share deposit

for safe savings without service charge And can use the service of  money transfer, deposit-withdrawal  from different branches of the cooperative, every business day.


  • Receive dividends generated at the rate approved by the general meeting.
  • It can be used as an important reference in applying for emergency loan services, obtaining eligibility, and using various credit services.

account opening

  1. A member of the Islamic Cooperative Ibn Affan Ltd.
  2. Open an account with a minimum of 100 baht

Share transfer/share withdrawal

  • payment of shares Members must pay for shares in cash by complying with the following:
  • must hold shares in the cooperative When first entering, no less than 30 shares at a price of 10 baht per share
    must be paid monthly, 3 times, 6 months, 9 months and yearly from the first month of membership.
    To be paid in full, the par value of each share is 10 baht, minimum of 10 shares
    Must be paid in full at the time of requesting to purchase additional shares.
  • If members are unable to pay for their shares and temporary stock delivery But members must be 60 years old
    and have a deposit of at least 60,000 baht with the approval of the committee. or authorized person
  • Arbitrary lack of payment for 3 consecutive months will result in the loss of rights such as credit services, etc.
  • Members cannot transfer or withdraw partially paid shares.
  • request for withdrawal of shares by notifying the intention to resign 3 months in advance

Required documents for opening an account

  • ID card copy
  • Copy of house registration