Mutara Bayu Deposit

3. Mutarabah deposit account

Mutarabah deposits

 for safe savings without service charge And can use the service of  money transfer, deposit-withdrawal  from different branches of the cooperative, every business day.


  • Type of co-investment with the cooperative, which must specify the amount of money invested and the investment period.
  • Depositors and cooperatives Participate in the investment business whether gaining or losing
  • You can deposit from 10,000 baht or more and you can deposit more when you want.
  • Aqad  or uttered the words of the deposit of Mudarabah between the depositor and the cooperative.
  • Depositors can withdraw when the deposit period is due. 
  • Depositors can withdraw before the due date, mutatis mutandis. The cooperative will bring the balance that meets the conditions to calculate profits.

account opening

  1. A member of the Islamic Cooperative Ibn Affan Ltd.
  2. Open an account with a minimum of 100 baht
Dividend Rate Mudarabah
  • Deposit for 3 months, profit sharing rate 30: 70 (depositor: cooperative)
  • Deposit for 6 months, profit sharing ratio 45: 55 (depositor: cooperative)
  • Deposit for 9 months, profit sharing ratio 55: 45 (depositor: cooperative)
  • Deposit for 12 months, profit sharing ratio 60: 40 (depositor: cooperative)
Required documents for opening an account

* In the case of individuals

  • ID card copy
  • Copy of house registration

* In the case of an organization / company

Determine the period of dividend payment.

  • 1st installment dividend on 15 April
  • 2nd dividend payment on 15 July
  • 3rd dividend payment on 15 October
  • 4th dividend payment on 15 January