Member Welfare

Welfare for members and communities

savings cooperative Not only aiming to make profits, but also aiming to take care of the quality of life of members from birth to death as follows:

1. Member Welfare Fund For scholarships, academic training and career promotion, study visits. Help when an accident occurs. and various natural disasters

2. Takaful Fund To help members, for example, in the case of hospitalization will receive 100 baht per night, but not more than 15 nights per year, in case of the member’s death Each heir will receive 12,000 baht, but if members who are older than the date of membership from October 21, 2002 onwards, heirs will receive 5.000 baht each. will receive 1.000 baht per time for members who apply for membership and have been members of the fund for not less than 12 months only

3. The Zakat Fund of the cooperative will help family members, poor people. and society with the right to All 8 types of help as clearly defined in the Qur’an.

4. Walima Fund (creating a family) to provide funding for members to be able to marry have a family built happy and stable kitchen For members who apply to join the fund