Watyah deposit

2. Wadiah deposit account

Wadiah deposits

 for safe savings without service charge And can use the service of  money transfer, deposit-withdrawal  from different branches of the cooperative every business day.


  • no interest
  • There is no limit on the amount and time of deposit-withdrawal. and withdraw the deposit at any time
  • No account maintenance fee
  • Convenience, deposit-withdraw at any branch
  • can be used as collateral for a loan or guarantee
  • Profits from Mutarabah accounts and Hajj Funds are reflected in Wadiah accounts.

account opening

  1. A member of the Islamic Cooperative Ibn Affan Ltd.
  2. Open an account with a minimum of 100 baht.

more details

  • The cooperative will use the Wadiah deposit to invest for profit. Rightfully and the cooperative is solely responsible for all investment results.

Required documents for opening an account

* In the case of individuals

  • ID card copy.
  • Copy of house registration.

* In case of opening for children.

  • Birth certificate of the child who will open the account.